Club Members 5km Handicap Series

There will be no handicap series in 2010. It will probably resume in 2011.

How the handicap will work

The runners will start the 5kms depending upon the handicap time given to them, The total of your handicap time and expected running time will total 35 minutes for the 5km (3.11 miles) route.

So for example, someone expected to take 30 minutes to run the course would start 5 minutes after the stopwatch was started. Someone expected to take 20 minutes to run the course would start 15 minutes after the stopwatch was started, etc etc!

The official stopwatch will be started at 7:35pm, if you miss your allotted start time through arriving late, then you will have to run faster to catch up! All runners should finish at 8:10pm, based on their handicap.

If on the night, no-one is expected to have a total time over 30 minutes, then rather than everyone stand around for 5 minutes, the maximum time will be adjusted down to this 30 minute time. This has no effect on your run or the pace you need to run at.

If you beat your handicap time, then your handicap time will be adjusted accordingly for the next race in the series, making it more challenging for you next time. Also, if you improve your times in any other race between our 5km events, then your handicap will be adjusted to reflect this for the next event. Handicap times will only be updated from other events, when the race has occured at least 7 days prior to the next Handicap, in these cases the new time will take effect from the Handicap event following this one.

You need to score at 4 of the 6 events in order to qualify for the series, however there is no reason why you can not use just one or two of the runs if you wish to just sharpen up your pace. The events are taking place over the summer months, which is generally when members are taking part in mainly 5 mile and 10km races, and so this will be a great addition or replacement for your weekly speedwork.

Scoring points
As members finish they will be awarded points. These points will be accumulated over the series, and your best 4 scores out of the 6 events will be taken in order to find your final score. Due to the small number of runners taking part, points will be awarded per finisher regardless of being Male or Female. The will be a premium for the runners finishing in the top 3 each event, as an extra spur. Points to be awarded as follows, 1st 40 points, 2nd 36 pts, 3rd 33 pts, 4th 30 pts, 5th 29pts, 6th 28pts, 7th 27pts etc...

A bonus of 5 points will also be awarded each time that you set a new personal best time for the course each year, these will all count towards your total score.

It is appreciated that in order to ensure the timings are correct that a minimum of one member, possibly two, will need to work a stopwatch, and take times and positions as members finish. Members finish timings will be as per the stopwatch used, not individuals watches. Should the stopwatch fail, then only positions will be recorded on that occassion. Any individual undertaking the timing job instead of running will be awarded 25 points, up to a maximum of two occassions per series. If many members wish to help with scoring on one event, then priority will first go to members that have not helped scoring previously.

In the event of a tie at the end of the series, the member with the highest placed finish will take the award. So, if two runners finish with the same points at the end of the series, but one members top position was 2nd, and the other members top placing was 4th, then the member that gained a second place would take 1st overall. If members are still tied, then we shall determine which runner has improved most in time over the series.

To view the final standings click here