Membership Benefits

The current fees for membership (year runs April-March) for 2013/2014 are as follows:

Adult Membership Joining Fees - New fees from April 2013, UK Athletics have increased their subscription fees.

First Claim April - March £30.00* (joining between April and September)
First Claim October - March £17.50* (joining between October and March)
Second Claim Membership £7.50 (joining at any time)
First Claim Membership Renewal Fee £30.00* (Due each 1st April)
Second Claim Membership Renewal Fee £7.50 (Due each 1st April)

*When you initially join or renewal your first claim membership with Sudbury Joggers AC, we will also pay the fee due to UK Athletics to enable you to run as an Affiliated runner. This fee will also be paid by Sudbury Joggers AC for you each year that you then subsequently renew your membership. Affiliation will allow any Sudbury Jogger to enter UK race events as an Affiliated Runner to Sudbury Joggers AC, this will save you usually a minimum of £2 per race entered, due to being an Affiliated runner. Therefore if you happen to enter 10 races in a year, then your Membership fee was in effect free!!

Fees are reviewed at the club AGM (March) each year.

Sudbury Joggers Runner

Club members may also purchase a club vest in their required size for £11.25. Club vests are required for most team events, however once bought these do tend to last a fair few years.

Other kit will shortly be available to purchase, also at cost price.

You will be able to run safely in a group, and speak with other runners about training and advice. We often share lifts when going to races too.

Our structured Wednesday night runs include Speed Sessions, Hill Sessions, Pyramids, Group runs, and Club Handicap Races, amongst others.

We also like to have social evenings every so often, where we can let our hair down, and enjoy ourselves!

London Marathon Automatic Entry - Sudbury Joggers qualifies for 1 automatic entry each year for one of their members to run the Virgin London Marathon. If you are a paid first claim member of Sudbury Joggers AC, and have been rejected in the ballot for the next London Marathon then you would qualify to apply to us for our guaranteed entry . To qualify you need to be a regular runner on club nights or have ran at least 3 races as a Sudbury Jogger over the past year. The ballot takes place each year at the Sudbury Joggers annual Christmas Party, you can get further details from any committee member.

We will often discuss whether members wish to run again on another day when meeting on a Wednesday, as many runners also run together on Tuesdays Fridays and Sundays too.

If you require further details relating to membership of Sudbury Joggers AC, then please feel free to contact us with any questions.